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3-PC Metal Seated NPT or SWE 1000 WOG - Series 34TQ

ECONOMICAL metal seated valve for industrial service. Direct mount for simple automation. Square stem means no bracket OR coupler required! Or, we can provide bracket sets if you want them. Extended sets to get actuators away from high temperature process lines. FOR SERVICE up to 600 deg. F, 1000 psig. GREAT FOR SLURRy service and other dirty media.

NPT or SWE Metal Seated Ball Valve
  • SWE or NPT
  • 1000WOG Rated
  • Live Loaded Packing - Standard
  • Available in CS and SS
  • FULL Port
  • ANTI-STATIC Design
  • BLOW-OUT Proof Stem
  • In-Line Repairable – Swing-out Body
  • SIZES 1⁄2” through 2”

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