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Segment Ball Control Valves - Series LVC

A segment ball valve combines globe valve control with the efficiency of a rotary ball valve. Additionally, the LINUO segment ball valve provides these features:

LINUO Segment Ball Control Valve
  • Excellent sealing capacity - metal and soft seats.
  • Precise contouring of the v-notch provides excellent control characteristics for an extensive variety of flow applications.
  • Rugged self-adjusting metal seated option is ideally suited for high temperature applications or slurries.
  • Splined connection between the shaft and ball ensures precise control and low hysteresis.
  • Shearing action between ball and seal promotes smooth, non-clogging operation - perfect for fiber or slurry applications.
  • Easy to change seats, means low cost for valve repairs. heavy-duty construction with unrestricted straight through flow path gives high capacity.
  • Spring loaded seat maintains constant contact with the ball, giving enhanced sealing performance.
  • Superior trunnion bearing technology is engineered for excellent abrasion resistance.

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